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EnerGPT - Your Oil & Gas Guide

Meet EnerGPT, your versatile tool for the oil and gas industry. Beyond just answering queries, it's ready around the clock to help with tasks like drafting emails and analyzing reports. Powered by trusted public resources, EnerGPT is like an industry expert that's always at your service. Not just a tool, EnerGPT is your reliable, digital partner. It's designed to simplify your tasks, save time, and boost productivity. Whether you need a quick answer or assistance with complex information, EnerGPT has got your back. Welcome to a new era of oil and gas industry assistance.

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What is a christmas tree in oil and gas question answer

OpenAI Power

With the same models powering OpenAI's ChatGPT, EnerGPT brings cutting edge AI to the field.

Factual Answers

Our models use trusted public resources like wikis and books to answer your questions. No BS here!

Reasonably Priced

Big oil and gas operators already build tools like this in-house. We price for the little guys.

Ready to Speed Up Your Ops?

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With a web-based UI that is bandwidth friendly, you can use ChatGPT from the office to the field. Slack, Teams, and SMS services are available to enterprise users. Pro users get more powerful language models for better responses. Basic and above use the same knowledge base with over 100k articles to power our answers to your questions.

What is a christmas tree in oil and gas question answer

Basic - $20/mo

Instant access to EnerGPT's chat knowledge base. Over 100k pieces of context for factual answers.

Pro - $40/mo

Improved models and responses, powered by OpenAI's GPT-4, the strongest LLM today.


Team discounts available, contact us. Slack, Teams, SMS integration available.

ChatGPT changed the software industry for the better. We're here to help share that tech with everyone.

John Partee - SensibleDefaults Founder